SEEH Network meeting 2015

Thanks to Milica Tanasijević it’s possible to read this post in English  :)

In the last few months I was e-mailing with Milica Tanasijevic secretary of SEE Heritage Network, and I was very pleased when she sent me the invitation for Networks meeting in Cetinje, from 3rd to 5th July.SEEH Cetinje 2015SEE Heritage Network is a network that connects NGOs which are dealing with South-East European heritage. It was CHwB that initiated creation of the network in 2006. Since then, SEE Network has been connecting organizations in this region with plus-minus intensity.

The meeting began on July 3d around 6 PM with representations of (current and potentially new) members.

First in the row was magnificent Višnja Kisić who presented projects of Evropa Nostra Srbija, as well as some of exquisite projects Europa Nostra AwardEntopia-our place in Europe and Cultural heritage counts for Europe. She also invited all the organizations to apply projects for 7 Most Endangered till August 1st!01 Evropa NostraNext followed Snežana Pejović from Centre for Preservation and Presentation of Kotor Documentary Heritage – Notar who introduced couple of interesting works: Central maritime catalogue of Montenegro, as well as State archive of Montenegro.02 NotarMy acquaintance from Rogljevo, architect Ivana Vasilijević, introduced ARCH, organization for preservation of industrial heritage. Web-page is temporarily out of function, but ARCH had realized great projects Senjski Mines, Pančevo Cultural Route, arsenal in Tivat etc.

Afterwards, Valon and Teuta Xhabali introduced EC Ma Ndryshe Kosovo. EC Ma Ndryshe’s main goal is to stimulate active participation of citizens, and raising awareness of cultural heritage’s protection and promotion.04 Es Ma EndrysheMilena Filipović from Regional Cooperation Council in Cetinje talked about successful projects that have been accomplished in cooperation with EXPEDITIO, EuropaNostra, CHwB, along with possible funds for financing Network and mutual projects among several organizations.05 RCCDear Ivana Volić presented Suburbium from Petrovaradin (organization that is encouraging multidisciplinary activities to focus the attention of experts and the general public on heritage through the exchange of opinions, experiences and examples of best practice). Ivana also introduced organization Scenatoria that gathers professionals and creative people from various fields such as art, architecture, culture…06 ScenatoriaDaina Glavočić and Velid Đekić presented PRO torpedo, organization from Rijeka that is dealing with industrial heritage.07 pro torpedoEdvin Lamce and Marvin Petrela from Gjirokastra Foundation showed wonderful projects that they have started, such as Seven Fountains Park, Zeketa House, The Artisan Centre and many more.08 gjirokastra foundationThen I presented Fine art & craft club with works that we have done and that follow…

After myself followed Armada Molla and Artemisa Muco that represented ADCT, Association for Development of Cultural Tourism from Tirana.09 ADCTFantastic story about drywall erection in Croatia followed. Marko Pejić from organization Dragodid left us all speechless with his enthusiasm and amazing projects that Dragodid is working on.11 DragodidLater on, charming Dunja Vuković introduced organization Zgoda, and we already have some mutual ideas…12 zgodaTwo incredible ladies Danica Bartolić and Valentina Vujinić followed from organization „Osmijeh žene“ from Laktasi.13 osmjeh zene laktasiBesides my favorite Lejla Hadžić, we had an opportunity to get to know one more fabulous woman from CHwB BiH – Aida Vežić – who among other interesting things mentioned Cultural Heritage Portal.14 CHwB BIHFinally I had the opportunity and great pleasure to meet two fantastic ladies who are standing behind EXPEDITIO – organization that I have been following foar a very long time and that I admire to – Sandra Kapetanović and Tatjana Rajić.15 expeditioLittle bit later Marko Ilijanić from Sinergija from Herceg Novog presented their work too.16 sinergijaAfter introductions on Friday, following weekend passed in working atmosphere, mostly in group works that Višnja was managing. Manja Ivanovna, previous Network’s secretary briefly reminded us on previous Network’s activities since the beginning till this day… Milica Tanasijević, the current secretary, then mentioned activities from this year – time since she is on this position. Afterwards, again in groups, we were working on SWOT analysis.26 SEEH Cetinje 2015After the lunch we had an interesting session – imagining 3 possible scenarios (pessimistic, real and optimistic) about Network’s development. After that we were reconsidering the mission and vision of SEE Heritage Network.21 SEEH Cetinje 2015In the afternoon we were walking through Cetinje – what a green place, with fabulous lime-tree smell and wonderful people. This walk was not enough for me, so I went for an evening walk again, and ones again on Sunday! I was late a bit for yoga in park which Tanja was leading – what a conference ;)25 SEEH Cetinje 2015After yoga we were fresh and ready for Aida Vežić who talked about Balkan Museum Networks and some extraordinary start-up projects: Meet, See, Do, Wild, 1+1 Life and Love.27 SEEH Cetinje 2015After the lunch we were working on priorities, activities, future projects etc.22 SEEH Cetinje 2015For more photos click here.

“Old” members are claiming that we the “new” ones brought fresh and positive energy to the group. I was so thrilled to meet all these nice people and the way that they are working in our surroundings.  Pirate project gave me the opportunity for connecting with European professionals  for earth architecture, but this Network has one additional value – it is ours, it concern us and it is depending on us!

Thanks for the invitation, hospitality and organization and I hope that we will be beneficial to South-East Europe. Cheers!

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