workshop – making two earth ovens :)

we are pleased to announce that the first module of summer school of earth architecture is going to be held from June 25 to July 1 (with the possibility of extension for 2-3 days, in case ovens are not finished during that period) in the village of Mošorin, 35 km from Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. 15 Mo majstori Belo Blatowe are finally building a simple oven and a stove, so we invite you to be the part of our workshop group in order to preserve and promote this wonderful craft!

building of the ovens is going to be led by an old mason Joška Palfi and chimneys are going to be built by his colleague Laszlo Janoš. Both masters are from Belo Blato and have a lot of experience in the construction with these materials. Evening lectures on earth architecture are led by architect Dragana Kojičić.13 Mo majstori Belo Blato

7 day workshop (including local accommodation and mainly vegetarian dishes) costs 250 euros.

number of participants is limited to 6 persons – to reserve your place please fill in the form. If it turns out that you can not come, please inform us as soon as possible.

in case of bad weather, the workshop will be postponed (we hope this won’t happen!)

for any further information, feel free to contact us:

2 thoughts on “workshop – making two earth ovens :)

  1. Veima sam zainteresovan za ovakve kuce I planiram da napravim jednu. Hvala vam na vasim naporima da istrajete. Molim vas dodajte me na vasu mejling listu. Hvala!

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