To be MINDfull

To be MINDfull, if we are at all able and if we at all can be:

Do I need to hear about what means to be Serbian from Serbians who are shaming Serbia all the time? For me, being Serbian, means: at all times representing  this country in a way that no educated, honorable and fair ancestor and descendant of mine are ashamed or humiliated. At the same time, for me, being Serbian, means – to respect myself and my own, while respecting everyone else and everyone’s right to be different. For me, being Serbian, means – understanding and admitting mistakes that were done by us or by those who bare the same name, because mistakes are made by everyone who works, and at every (opposing) side, if taking sides is at all necessary.

Do I need to hear about faith from someone who deals with slander, who twists the truth and who sow the seeds of hatred? To believe I do not need either a building nor a mediator – buildings I love by a professional vocation; mediators – only few who are truthful I truly respect, and they are rare. Although I never say that loud, I am a believer, and my faith is pure and bright. But, my faith is only mine and it respects and acknowledges all other faiths.

Do I need to hear about law violation and disrespect of the constitution of this country when its being narrated by hypocrites? All those who twist the laws and constitution as to suit their needs, are the same ones who behind everyone’s back commit terrible and dishonest crimes. And those who take credit from everything we do when it suits them, and who crucify us when they need a sinner and when the moment is ripe. That wont work gentlemen. And you do not need to go as far as to renounce me, as I have already renounced YOU.

To call my name for Kosovo, you, whose big battles are fought on social network? I love Kosovo, but I cannot save it. What I can do is to try and save the earthen houses in Kosovo. If my sin is my failed attempt to cooperate with a Ministry of Culture of Kosovo, as to provide needed training to save our common heritage, then I shall proudly and publicly embrace my sin! When you manage to do something for Kosovo you claim you love, then maybe we would be able to understand each others.

Who are you to question my right to Justice? Even if my legal rights might be taken – I still have two more : the one from the end of my path, and its the right which awaits all of us: and the other one – the cosmic one, and which no one can harm, and which directs and places all in perfect order. In the way it always does, when the moment is right. One needs to be patient, stay healthy and await for the one that comes first. I know this by heart and have no doubts.

Who are you to deny me the right to hold LALA festival? Festival which was created to answer the pleads of YOUR children who wished us to build them house from earth? Driven by children’s pleads we wanted to give them much more, we wanted to give them something to be proud of and something that all next generations would benefit from. Will you be ashamed when they ask you WHY did you take their right away? You have taken Festival away from them, but you would not take it from us – you wont – because we are many, and we have been preparing it all this time, and we gave it all our care and love!

To conclude: I am not the (only) guest here – we all are guests who borrowed a small piece of this earth, and small piece of the sky from our children! Who gives us the right to take the ownership, when anyways, only the earth is eternal, while, whoever we are, to that same earth we would return?


the reason behind writing this post is here, thank you Lejla for this translation!

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